Characteristics of Courses:

their main aims are motivation and communication                                                                          they make  learners feel challenged, relaxed and unthreatened                                                  they offer time and space for parallel personal and language development                          they use a broad repertoire of methodological techniques and strategies                             they introduce a lot of up-to-date supplementary material

Aimed at learners of different age groups: – from 5 year-old children up to adults of                 different age groups:

Aimed at learners with different levels of competence:

  • full beginners / false beginners (5-10 year-olds, young people and adults)
  • elementary learners ( 8-12 year-olds, young people and adults)
  • pre-intermediate learners (10-15 year-olds and adults)
  • intermediate learners (14-18 year-old young people and adults)
  • upper-intermediate learners (15 , young people and adults)
  • advanced learners (adults)
  • proficiency learners (adults)


     continuous 2,3,4 year courses of one/two 50 minute lesson per week supporting:

  • state school English and Russian language learning
  • learning gradually leading to the First Certificate in English and Advanced Certificate in English Exams at the British Council


      max. 1 year course of one/two 50 minute lessons per week preparing for:

  • school leaving exams
  • entrance exams
  • job interviews
  • etc. as the need arises during the year

We use language courses: Join Us, Challenges, Total English, Solutions, Project English, Face2Face, Headway, First Certificate Gold, Advanced Certificate Gold, Proficiency Certificate Gold, Učebnice současné ruštiny 1-2,  Raduga 1-2, which create the ´skeleton´ of the learning process. Other teaching material from numerous resources presents the ´flesh´. This way our learnes better understand the language coherence. The youngest pupils create their first ´course books´ into their big exercise books. If you just could see their cute ´pieces of art´!